About Us

Printer, an external hardware output device that allows you to print any graphics, content and the realistic yield on a blank paper. Your printer takes the stored electronic data from your system, let it be a laptop, Pc, or any portable device and likewise, generates an output in the hard format of given data on standard size sheets of paper. Many companies offer you a broad range of variety for printers as per your need and requirement. However, there can be many issues with a printer such as split text, paper jam, inkjet photos, and so on. We provide the technical support and services to fix these issues with the help of our techies who are specialized in providing the IT solutions, printer supports, and other services.


Addaprinter.org is a total independent and completely autonomous technical service provider. We provide technical support for all the major vendors and third party products. The third party trademarks, logos, names of the brands and the products have been given for information purpose only and we in no means are advocating any affiliation or connection to any of the product or brand. Neither do we sponsor any product any brand or any service. Hence Addaprinter does not claim any sponsorship by any of the third party. If your product is under warranty, the repair service maybe available free from the brand owner.